marie-gabrielle rotie


Mythic/solo premiered at Laban February 2010 to great response, and is now available for touring 2011 and  2012.

Mythic is  Marie-Gabrielle Rotie’s most powerful work to date and is a culmination of a professional career which spans over a decade of experimental productions and commissions in the Uk and internationally. She has received five commissions from Laban since 2001, evidence of an enduring interest in her work, which is quite different from what is currently being promoted on the British Scene.

Mythic reflects Rotie’s training as a Fine Artist, with the body forming a scenographic element in relation to a visual staging. The influence of Mary Wigman, of Japanese Aesthetics and of Butoh, is just one layer of a piece which also draws inspiration from Victorian Spiritualist photography and is a physical investigation of possession and transformation.

Mythic is between dance/theatre and live art and combines movement, projected film and electro-acoustic sound. It is a challenging and sometimes disturbing work, which non-the-less has captivated and emotionally moved audiences from diverse backgrounds. 


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